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Find information about health, diets (Cardiac Diet Menu), and weight loss. Learn about fat burning foods that burn food fast.
Learn about Fibromyalgia and visit Fibromyalgia user groups.

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Martha’s Kentucky Recipes


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Sites I’ve Surfed Lately ......3/11/2012

Pinterest.com - an online pinboard
Starbright Baby - Baby Teething and Toddler Giraffes (Show your support!)
Defend Your Health Care - Be informed! Be very informed!
Alternative To - Free alternatives to expensive programs like MS Office.
Kentucky Bigfoot - Bigfoot sitings in Ky counties.
Toms Shoes - Buy a pair and Toms will donate a pair to a needy child!
Official Payments - Pay your taxes online.
MoonBats! - Reality has nothing to do with it.
For Jamie’s Sake - A forever family for every child.
cartercountykyvideo.com - Tony Collier’s video history of Carter County.
FairTax.org - I believe workers should keep their whole paychecks, don't you?
SchwabLearning.org - A parent's guide to helping kids with learning difficulties.
Museum of Hoaxes - April Fool’s Day Jokes
Internet Movie Database - The biggest movie site on the planet.
KittyaCannon.com - Launch the kitty out of the cannon.
East Carter County Adult Education and the Family Library - We’re ready when you are!
Anything Left-Handed - Left handed products and information.
Woot - One Day, One Deal
Defenders of Freedom - A non profit organization formed solely to support our troops.
HappyNews - All The News That's Fun To Print
Turn your hamster into a fighting machine! - Does it work for ferrets?
Charity Navigator - Offers information you can trust in making your own individual giving decisions.
PETA kills animals - Could chicken loving PETA have a dirty little secret?
Myth or Fact - Test yourself on some famous myths here at Discovery Channel's MythBusters fan site.
T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. - Stands for Tests With Inorganic Noxious Kakes In Extreme Situations
Mantropy - A silent killer which strikes men in the prime of life.
Citizens Against Government Waste - CAGW's mission is to eliminate waste, mismanagement, and inefficiency in the federal government.

Contact Elected Officials

Contact your elected officials and share your thoughts on current events and government policy. You'll find links to e-mail and postal addresses, and phone numbers for key elected officials.  Click here!.

Star Trek online!Season 1-3 of the original series is available for viewing online.
Also, available are MacGyver & Twilight Zone!

First Beginners Golf Swing Tips


You can enjoy the results of a basic golf swing that’s also an easy golf swing!



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